Growing Apart

by Bare Knuckles

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Growing Apart was written over a span of a few months in our guitarist's bedroom. We decided to take the direction we feel that we couldn't achieve in our previous releases. The lyricism in this is a little different and sheds more of a realistic and psuedo-positive light than a negative one. Things get better but, just as soon as these things get better, they can get 10 times worse. Growing up and learning to let go of everything you loved, knew and wanted to be is one of the hardest things someone can face and that's what this is about. Gaining hope only for it to be gone as fast as it was gained. We hope that these words reach you just as the words from our favorite bands reached us. If this ever has a price on it, message Cris or Malik for a free download link. Enjoy, and Thank You for giving us a shot.
It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.


released February 19, 2013

Guitar: Sammy Salazar
Guitar: Raymond Ramos
Bass: Louie Romero Castro
Drums: Malik Dugan
Vocals/Lyricism: Cris Lopez
Guest Appearance on "Home": Jesse "Ban." Banuelos
Addition Gang Vox: Sammy Salazar, Raymond Ramos, Malik Dugan, Louie Romero Castro.



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Bare Knuckles Palmdale, California

Bare Knuckles is a Hardcore band from the Antelope Valley, CA. We like Del Taco and sing-a-longs. We write music we like and hope you'll like too. You're not alone and don't have to feel like you are. Let's hang out and sing the same songs. Our music will always be free, if not, contact one of us. ... more

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Track Name: Growing Apart
I swore time and time again I'd forget. I said I'd be better, better than this. I still think of you and still hold on to, what I should've let go of long ago. Time did nothing for me. I guided myself here. I still have no home. I'm left with this fear of being left alone, of being left behind. I'd give my life just another night. Just another fucking night. These memories are all I have left, they're all I hold on to. They're all I hold on to.
Track Name: Forfeit & Forget
I'll never forgive myself for being something, I swore I'd never fucking be. I'm sick of losing of sleep and losing people who meant the world to me. These restless eyes match this restless soul, with a restless heart and no place to call home. Restless eyes, math this restless soul. I put myself in a situation where, I'm lost tired and fucking scared. I'll never recover from who was and failed to be. The hardest part of growing up is growing apart, I'm shedding who I was. I'm shedding who I was. I'll never give myself to anyone again, or to a world I fucking hate (the world I fucking hate!). I now realize what I need to do, to get my life to where I want it to. I'm sick of waking up not looking forward to life. The love that I have inside has taken over the hate this time but, still I have these negative feeling in my fucking mind. In my fucking mind. I am a new man, I said that I would be and I fucking am.
Track Name: Amelioration
I said nothing would stop me from being content and in that moment I swear that I meant it. A year later my hate has still got a grip on every single aspect in this life I live. I search for compassion in hopes to find some fucking meaning and some reason to my life. To be a driving force to change the world I see but, I can't change the world if I don't start with me. I am the listening ears, cause I wish that someone could be that for me. I am the change that I want to see, I am wholehearted empathy. I am the change that I want to see, I am wholehearted empathy. I am the change. I am the change. I am the fucking change. I always say things get better but, I'm having trouble believing it myself. My hate is motivation for my betterment, I only have myself to blame for the state that I'm in. I am the scum of the earth, I am the sickness but, in times of negativity I'll see through this. There is hope and it's found here, find comfort in places you've always feared. There is love and it's created here, learn to love and let go of my fears. There is hope. There is love. There is hope. There is love. I am the compassion I wish to see. I am the strongest I have ever seen and no one will take that from me.
Track Name: Home (ft. Jesse Banuelos of Barfight Grande)
The loneliness almost makes you miss the place you've come to know as home. You spend so much time away, you isolate, you contemplate. It's hard to hold to something that never meant as much as everyone intended it to. I've grown to know loneliness better than I know myself. (Fuck!) 20 years since you have felt, a real sense of happiness. Looked in the mirror and said, "this is who I want to be!!". THIS ISN'T ME! THIS ISN'T ME! This isn't me. I will give to the world what it couldn't give to me; a sense of love, put above EVERYTHING! I believe that love is still in reach, that the world is more than just unforgiving. I've felt true rage. I've felt true hate. I felt what it feels like to wanna take it all away. I know what it is to fall in love, just to have the world take it all away. Nowhere's ever felt like home. Home is a place I've never know. I'm growing apart from everything I ever let myself believe. I'm growing! I'm growing! I'm growing! I'm growing apart.